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The MUSEéE DU LOUVRE is an ICON and maybe one of the most recognized museums in the world. Its SUBTERRANEAN hallways make you feel like you’re trying to get through a maze but isn’t that the case with most museums? It’s so easy to get lost but if you have to get lost anywhere, the best-case scenario would be in a museum. Or it could be your WORST NIGHTMARE if you’re not into art.

The BUILDINGS that house the art are my favorite part of any museum. I love seeing how curators make use of the exhibition hallways and smaller gallery rooms; how they work within the STRUCTURES that the architects so artfully provide. This PYRAMIDE was finished in 1989 as an addition to the Palais du Louvre, which was built between the late 12th to 13th centuries. The old and the new stand HARMONIOUSLY together and this is what is so ALLURING about its presence.

“To have something that lasts, that means you’ve got hold of the essence of things. And that’s really the only thing that lasts, the essence, otherwise it’s transitory, it’s fashion…I like to make a comparison with the music of art, constant variations of a simple theme. You have to learn to eliminate and come to the heart of the problem. You have to start from a very complex program to reduce it to the simplest and having found the heart of the matter, then you have to make it work.”

– I.M. Pei, Architect of the Pyramide du Louvre

And he made it work.

Give the movie “First Person Singular: I.M. Pei” by Peter Rosen a shot. Not only is the MUSIC CAPTIVATING but the CINEMATOGRAPHY and DYNAMIC STORY TELLING of this exceptional architect’s life and career is ENRAPTURING. I honestly do not get a cut of the proceeds for this movie, I just believe as many people as possible should see how great it is.

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